We Are Better Because We are Diffirent

5 Star Alkaline Mineral Filtration System is Capable To Generate 2 Diffirent Type of Quality Water From Just 1 Type Of Incoming Top Water Without Dependeing On Electricity.

Type 1 - Purified Water Passes Through A Special Designed Filter To Generate Alkaline Mineral Water For Drinking (PH8.5 - PH9.5)

Type 2 - Tap Water Flows Through A Special Designed Filter To Generate High Antioxidant Energized Water For Removing Pesticides And Preserving The Freshness Of Vegetables And Food. (PH9.5 - PH11.5)

Alkaline Water Transforms Acidified Blood

- 5 Star Alkaline Mineral Water can restore body pH balance. Normal blood has a pH alkanity of 7.4, but can become acidified in two major instances; excessive intake of animal protein or fat, insuficient exercise and prolonged state of stress.

When blood acidifies human body's homeostatsis break down. Metabolism occurs smoothly if blood flows through the vessels unobstructed, but many problems begin if blood cannot flow due to furbidity. Turbidity of blood means it has become acciditied by fat and other acidic waste matter to increase viscocity. A 0.2 decrease in pH signifies concentration of hydrogen ions (which show acidity level) increase by almost 60%.

Alkaline Mineral Water That Eliminates Free Radical (Active Oxygen)

- Active oxygen-nessary for our bodies but an overabundance of which is also the original cause of diseases and aging! if water eliminated this excessed active oxygen can continue to circulate throughout the body, we can be freed from many illnessed caused by active oxygen.